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Working hand in hand with other parts of the value chain through project collaborations, business partnerships or by going as far as being embedded into third party logistics services, we focus on delivering customer needs by integrating our various creative and strategic disciplines. Taking the project or idea from its conception, seamlessly through to on-shelf delivery, thereby providing a smooth, cut-through operation, end to end.

Paper Cups

Most paper cups labelled as recyclable or compostable contain either a plastic or a PLA liner.

Plastic coated cups (PE coated) are not compostable and cannot be easily recycled while PE and PLA lined cups are only compostable under controlled conditions and are rarely recycled. In most cases, they end up in landfills or are washed into the waterbodies.

Our Cups does not contain the typical plastic or PLA lining and are:

  • Easily recyclable
  • Home compostable
  • Industrially compostable
  • Biodegradable


Paper Bowls in India

Emporos supplies a wide range of paper bowls in Delhi NCR and India. In the span of 2 years, Emporos has grown as one of the best and highly esteemed manufacturers of disposable paper products.

Paper Lids in India

This is the green revolution era and we too need to get responsible towards the earth. People have started understanding the importance of the green revolution and are shifting towards disposable paper products for food packaging. 

Paper Tubs in India

Our paper tubs are user friendly and can be used to store any kind of material, solid or liquid. Emporos is just not known as the best disposable paper cups manufacturer but it’s paper tubs have also gained high popularity in the market. 

Quality Assurance
• With our multinational consumer goods experience, we understand very clearly the importance of brands, and appreciate fully the value the consumer perceives in a high quality product. Our standard operating procedures ensure consistency of delivery.


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